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TradingFuturo Order Flow Version 2.0

We would like to thank Dimitry, a trader from Russia for reporting a problem with candles during the grouping. And to Ravindar trader from India for his many suggestions that allowed to improve the quality of the software. This version has received an exhaustive revision to create a robust software of high quality. Some improvements have been made to the FootPrint. The texts of the candles have a dynamic size according to the size of their bars. [Read More]

Measuring Trading. Trading Ratios. Risk vs Benefit

In this article I am going to teach you: How to know if a trading robot works How to detect mediocre trading courses Determine who is a good trader How to improve your own trading (DIY) And I’ll explain: Why I’m not interested in a secret trading strategy that returns a lot of money! No, there is no error in that statement! We go by parts. [Read More]

What is the Control Point (POC) and what is it for

The point of control is simply the price at which the largest trading volume has been made over a period of time (buy/sales). This point is a rare point in the market because it is an indicator that can be observed before and not exactly when the price change occurs. Most indicators say “here is the point where the price is about to change” but few can say so far in advance where the price will go. [Read More]

What is Volume Spread Analysis (VSA)?

What is VSA? Volume Spread Analysis also known as VSA is a tool to study the relationship of price and volume looking to predict the short-term direction of the market. This tries to analyze: The volume Range / Dispersion or difference between the maximum and the closing (do not confuse with the bid / ask spread). Range closing price (is the closing price close to the top or bottom of the bar? [Read More]

What is algorithmic trading?

What is algorithmic trading? Algorithmic trading is a trading style in financial markets. Stock, Forex, Futures, etc, characterized by following those markets with a set of objective rules that generate entries and exits to the market. Basically an informatic system evaluates certain rules taking market data and executes orders towards this market automatically. The decisions are taken by a computer in an autonomous way. What is an algorithm? An algorithm is a set of rules intended to solve a problem in a predefined way. [Read More]