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How to operate with Market Profile? Resumed

Unete a nuestro grupo de Discord Introduction In the early 1980s, Peter Steidlmayer, who held a director role at CBOT, had the vision of increasing transparency and accessibility to financial markets. To this end, he devised the concept of ‘Markets Profile’ in a bid to invite new traders onto the exchanges and create an upswing in revenue. Steidlmayer was confident that more widespread access to these markets would lead to greater economic prosperity for all involved. [Read More]

New Order Flow Toolkit Version (2.2)

We are pleased to announce that version 2.2 of PipFlow enters the testing phase. We want to thank the report of a performance problem the FootPrint presented in some configurations related to DirectX. This was corrected and in this version it remains fluid (no lag) at all times. For this version the data capture system has been reprogrammed so that it can operate in parallel. Turning it into a multicore ready system. [Read More]

New Order Flow Toolkit Version (2.1)

First we want to thank the opinion of several traders from Ecuador, India, Russia, Turkey and Spain who have helped to create a tool kit of the highest quality. This version of the kit has been renamed PipFlow as it is a shorter name and easier to remember. It also helps attract forex traders. The kit is useful not only for trading futures but for any underlying assets including stocks and cryptocurrencies. [Read More]

TradingFuturo Order Flow Version 2.0

We would like to thank Dimitry, a trader from Russia for reporting a problem with candles during the grouping. And to Ravindar trader from India for his many suggestions that allowed to improve the quality of the software. This version has received an exhaustive revision to create a robust software of high quality. Some improvements have been made to the FootPrint. The texts of the candles have a dynamic size according to the size of their bars. [Read More]

Measuring Trading. Trading Ratios. Risk vs Benefit

In this article I am going to teach you: How to know if a trading robot works How to detect mediocre trading courses Determine who is a good trader How to improve your own trading (DIY) And I’ll explain: Why I’m not interested in a secret trading strategy that returns a lot of money! No, there is no error in that statement! We go by parts. It is not easy for a novice to detect in a sea of ​​mediocre people who pretend to be great traders and determine if they are really going to sell you a trading course that works. [Read More]

Main Trading Styles

This is an article for newbies in trading. Despite not being advanced content, it is still important for those who start trading. Scalping Scalping is a very fast trading style. Generally scalpers open or close positions that last minutes or seconds. The goal is to enter and exit the market quickly, earning profits quickly. In general, these gains are small because they follow the micro-movements of the market. It is a useful style to start learning trading because it allows you to train yourself so that loss operations are compensated with gains. [Read More]

New version of TradingFuturo Order Flow Professional 1.8

New version of TradingFuturo Order Flow Professional 1.8 availble. This new version was heavily refactored to be a modular indicator package. Two errors were corrected in the unfinished auctions and the POC that could affect the operation. The percentage of the value area per candle is configurable by the trader to the needs of its operation in this version. A large change was made in the volume profile, which has been separated as another indicator. [Read More]

TradingFuturo Order Flow version 1.7 professional available

This new version was refactored totally to allow the capacity to process massive quantities of data. This makes this version acceptable for professional traders that operate with great quantity of market data. It corrects an error in the cumulative delta that was being calculated during every tick instead of at candle closing. Professional edition brings an indicator called CotForce that allows us to visualize possible trend reversal per price level according to filter chosen by the trader. [Read More]

TradingFuturo Order Flow 1.6 available

TF Order Flow 1.6 In this version we have included Unfinished Auctions that are signals of price attraction. In other words, areas where the price is highly likely to return. Usually in about 20 minutes. We also included the diagonal imbalances as some traders prefer to use this type of imbalance. There are five shapes that can be configurable: Do not show any Show only horizontals Show diagonals only Show both independently Show imbalances only when both exist (logical AND operation) Unlike other indicators we prefer to put them with a line because it is more visual or less confusing than to increase the size or to shade it. [Read More]

What is the Control Point (POC) and what is it for

The point of control is simply the price at which the largest trading volume has been made over a period of time (buy/sales). This point is a rare point in the market because it is an indicator that can be observed before and not exactly when the price change occurs. Most indicators say “here is the point where the price is about to change” but few can say so far in advance where the price will go. [Read More]