TradingFuturo Order Flow Version 2.0

TradingFuturo Order Flow Version 2.0

We would like to thank Dimitry, a trader from Russia for reporting a problem with candles during the grouping. And to Ravindar trader from India for his many suggestions that allowed to improve the quality of the software.

This version has received an exhaustive revision to create a robust software of high quality.

Some improvements have been made to the FootPrint. The texts of the candles have a dynamic size according to the size of their bars. The grouping by ticks was improved. In addition, the FootPrint indicator was optimized for faster loading. More optimizations are possible that will be published in later versions. The rendering was also optimized, which counteracts the increase in resource consumption generated by dynamic texts. The following figure shows how the texts of the candles are reduced dynamically so that they can be visible on the bars. These minimum and maximum sizes are configurable by the user according to their visual capacity.


In the Control Points and Unfinished Auctions a volume filter was added that allows the trader to focus in the most important ones. Another feature where TradingFuturo Order Flow package innovates.

Some bugs were fixed. One of the corrected problems is that in some markets the software was losing data. This hit the software in all previous versions and the cause was unknown. In addition, a small divergence in real value candles was fixed when tick grouping was used. The indicator no longer needs to have tick replay enabled, although it is able to continue using it. This allows users with less powerful computers to use the toolkit.

Fixed another bug in the order book that caused flashing. This error manifested in high activity markets such as crypto. So with these changes, the software is 100% ready for cryptocurrency trading robustly. Pioneer in this category in the world for all of the features it provides.

This version brings new tools and signals. One is a dynamic volume profile. With this you can select the candles and it presents a volume profile from which they are selected. The profile shows several values ​​such as High, Low, VWAP, POC as well as the ends of the valuea area VAH and VAL. This profile is configured with the same color palettes as the HeatMap and contains an information area with the total volume and cumulative delta of the selected area that allows analysis only in this market area. Another exclusive feature.


The HeatMap was extensively improved. The HumanEye palette was modified to be more friendly. The HeatMap algorithm was completely changed so it is now very fast. It remains an indicator of high resource consumption due to the amount of data it stores, but is much more responsive with the new algorithm.


This version also brings an initial proposition of a market reversal indicator. A powerful tool that accomplishes this through boolean equations. With these equations, users can define when to display the reversal arrows using multiple order flow variables. These equations are pre-configured with the ones for delta divergence, which some traders use as a guide in their operation. This specific indicator is loaded as a plugin for the FootPrint in the same style of the footer. So if it is not used, it does not consume resources on the computer. Memory and/or CPU cycles.

With this, the software enters the final test phase before being distributed to customers to ensure its high quality.