New Order Flow Toolkit Version (2.1)

New Order Flow Toolkit Version (2.1)

First we want to thank the opinion of several traders from Ecuador, India, Russia, Turkey and Spain who have helped to create a tool kit of the highest quality.

This version of the kit has been renamed PipFlow as it is a shorter name and easier to remember. It also helps attract forex traders. The kit is useful not only for trading futures but for any underlying assets including stocks and cryptocurrencies.

This version brings a new internal engine in the FootPrint that is much more efficient both during loading and during rendering. It has many corrections, especially concurrency problems that were solved in all indicators. It is also capable of filling with zeroes the areas where there have been no operations and displaying information more consistently.

The new engine will be the basis for faster and more sustained development of future versions of the kit.

The new features are:

Incorporation of the updown tick to process historical data that allows the operation in markets such as those of forex.

The heatmap brings a quick configuration window that allows reconfiguration without the need to reload the level II data. These windows will be added to other indicators of the package in future versions.


It brings as a novelty a Market Profile since the patent was not renewed, which allows its implementation. This indicator is capable of operating with both the tick replay and OHLC data. In that case with less precision but with the ability to load data for long periods at low cost to the trader.


The composite volume profile was modified to render at much higher speeds without substantially sacrificing loading speed.

To the FootPrint were added the imbalance support and resistance zones. These are configurable by the user based on the imbalances and their number.

All indicators in the kit can now display grouped values ​​with decimal metric suffix, Kilo, Mega, Giga suffixes, etc.


Audible alerts have been added to all the tools in the kit with the ability to detect important events. These are the FootPrint, the BigTrades and the Reversal indicator.

The reversal indicator expands the number of usable variables, allows access to different candles than the current one through an index. It also has manual configurations of possible reversal conditions, which can be used in the user-defined equations. Such as decaying volume and position of the POC.

Finally, the toolbar brings a new button that allows to quickly shrink or enlarge the chart without having to drag the mouse along the time axis.

The educational version has already been rigorously tested by various traders. The professional still has some tests to ensure its quality to date.