TradingFuturo Order Flow version 1.7 professional available

TradingFuturo Order Flow version 1.7 professional available


This new version was refactored totally to allow the capacity to process massive quantities of data. This makes this version acceptable for professional traders that operate with great quantity of market data.

It corrects an error in the cumulative delta that was being calculated during every tick instead of at candle closing.

Professional edition brings an indicator called CotForce that allows us to visualize possible trend reversal per price level according to filter chosen by the trader.


It includes filters of orders by volume at the request of some users.

The developing of value area is also visualized for each individual candle.

It has newer parameters in the footer like finish delta, cumulative delta percentage, and the delta of the value area, as well as many cosmetic and visual changes as a change of color in the imbalances indicators, bolding of imbalance text, etc.


The bar imbalances can be colored in order to get different approach if the imbalance to the ask or bid. Also we got arrangement in the closing of the candle so that is marked if it went to the bid or the ask.

Update: This is an screenshot of latest version


To know more you can read this article about latest version.

Educative version can be downloaded in the forum