TradingFuturo Order Flow 1.6 available

TradingFuturo Order Flow 1.6 available

TF Order Flow 1.6


In this version we have included Unfinished Auctions that are signals of price attraction. In other words, areas where the price is highly likely to return. Usually in about 20 minutes.


We also included the diagonal imbalances as some traders prefer to use this type of imbalance. There are five shapes that can be configurable:

  • Do not show any
  • Show only horizontals
  • Show diagonals only
  • Show both independently
  • Show imbalances only when both exist (logical AND operation)

Unlike other indicators we prefer to put them with a line because it is more visual or less confusing than to increase the size or to shade it. That option we will put later for the people accustomed to that configuration.

We also put the possibility to hide the main chart and allow to show only the volume profile and/or the order book for people who prefer to use another indicator, but who needed a order book for NinjaTrader 8.

Here is an example in which we combine TF Order Flow 1.6 with an indicator from another vendor (to which we are not associated in any way)


This version corrects an error that did not allow to operate correctly in Forex markets and manifested due to the little difference of value of each PIP. As well as minor cosmetic corrections including some leaks that occurred under some conditions in the rendering.

Update: This is an screenshot of latest version


To know more you can read this article about latest version.

Educative version can be downloaded in the forum