Main Trading Styles

Main Trading Styles

This is an article for newbies in trading. Despite not being advanced content, it is still important for those who start trading.


Scalping is a very fast trading style. Generally scalpers open or close positions that last minutes or seconds. The goal is to enter and exit the market quickly, earning profits quickly. In general, these gains are small because they follow the micro-movements of the market. It is a useful style to start learning trading because it allows you to train yourself so that loss operations are compensated with gains. Also the scalping allows the impatient people to be forming and taking confidence with the market. Increasing your character. On the other hand, scalping is not recommended for people who are distracted. You need concentration and constantly see how the market is operating. What is happening, to act quickly. Exit or stay. It is recommended for people who are able to act quickly when they detect that things are not turning in their favor. If you want to be a scalper you must be prepared to develop your reflexes. Spend concentrated time in front of the market observing carefully what happens. Scalpers usually work with small graphics analyzing small areas.

Day trading

Daytraders (or intraday traders) open and close positions the same day. Daytrading contains scalping but there are versions of daytrading that are not scalping and that is why it is a different category. That is, scalping is a subset of Day Trading. This mode of trading is for traders who are concerned about having an open position while they sleep or wish to conclude activities every day.

Swing Trading

Swing Trading is a style for very patient people. But it is the most profitable trading style. In this type of trading traders hold positions for several days waiting for the market to turn in their favor. This type of trading is not for all people because you have to have a lot of peace and patience waiting for the market to turn around. This mode is even done away from the computer without looking at what is happening in the market at all times. This requires higher stop loss rules than daytrading due to those movements against.

Position Trading

Position trading is the longer term style of all styles. It can even last for years. Position trading is only for extremely patient traders. This type of trading is for people who do not care about popular opinion at all. Example this type of trading can be the type of purchase of shares of a company that is practically bankrupt and take years to recover the price of their shares. This trading is not recommended for almost any person except people who already have extra capital and are not considering trading as an activity because it is done very rarely. This mode is more common in stock markets. It is also known as buy and hold.