Depth Pack




Depth Pack: Comprehensive Indicator Suite


The Depth Pack includes the following advanced indicators:

  • Microstructure Specialized HeatMap
  • Trade Detector
  • Institutional Volume
  • BestBidAsk
  • Dynamic Range Profile
  • PopUp

Our Microstructure Specialized HeatMap is uniquely designed for in-depth microstructure analysis, setting it apart from other market offerings. This exceptional HeatMap captures all data points, enabling precise level II market inspection.

For optimal performance, a discrete GPU is highly recommended. Please note that level II data, which is essential for utilizing these indicators, is typically sold separately by data providers. The Depth Pack is compatible with all versions of NinjaTrader 8.

All purchases are protected by a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Licenses are activated from the day of receipt until the next business day.

Disclaimer: This product is incompatible with NinjaTrader 7. However, it is fully functional with all versions of NinjaTrader 8, including the free version.