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Version 2.7 available

Notice: All orders have 7 days money back guarantee. You cannot make a mistake.

This indicator allows to instantly interpret the depth of the market directly in the chart, and relate it to market orders. It contains different variables including BigTrades and LastTrade.

It is prepared to work with low latency, totally loaded with data. Quickly responds in very volatile markets without slowdown. It’s refresh rate can be configured.

Has implemented Click2Trade patent, allowing you to place Limit Orders and Limit Stop orders with one click directly in the chart. Can launch NinjaTrader ATM strategies directly from the chart as well without requiring chart trader window to be open. Therefore saving screen space permitting the trader to have more data visible on screen.

Contains a configuration window to easily change the indicator settings without reloading chart data.


This product requires level II data from your exchange, and is usually purchased separately and is usually more expensive. Please verify your data provider can provide multilevel level II data (single level is not good).

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements:

NinjaTrader 8, Core i3 CPU, 8 Gb RAM, integrated GPU

Recommended Requirements:

NinjaTrader 8, Core i5 CPU or First Generation AMD Ryzen, 16Gb or more RAM, Discrete GPU GTX 1070 equivalent or better. ATI Radeon recommended since are faster rendering text even for entry level video cards.

Notice: This product is NOT compatible with NinjaTrader 7.