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Notice: a new version is available

This is an educational version of the professional indicator kit with fewer features. The manual is for the professional but applies to the educational for the non missing features.

Notice: hotmail is bouncing email from our servers for the time being. It will be solved later but for now you will have to wait until the bounced email is manually forwarded. Another option is to use another provider for the time being.

if you have questions you can join our discord server with the following link:

This version 2.1 compared to 2.0 is faster and has a new internal engine. It also brings back the COT values. The visual glitches in the Footer were corrected as well as many concurrency issues (far more important) and some other minor requests by users. The FootPrint can fill holes with 0 values. The volume profile renders faster too and can be placed at any side of the chart. The Order Book fixes an issue that appeared in some markets. This engine paves the way for many new features that will come in future versions.

Some details of the pro version here:

and here for 2.2 (version 2.3 is already being partially rolled out for profesional):

Educative version displays a WaterMark and has disabled the following features present in the Professional version:

- CotLevel
- Value Area per candle
- Delta Finish
- Absorptions
- ToolBar
- BigTrades Indicator
- HeatMap Indicator
- Footer Magnifier
- Reversal Indicator
- Tick Grouping
- Information Zones (except for COT values)
- Larger Font for imbalances
- Dynamic Range Volume Profile
- Sound Alerts
- Support/Resistance zones
- Market Profile Indicator

Configuration options are however present to have unified templates with the professional and permit easy migration.

It requires NinjaTrader version or higher, otherwise it likely won't load properly. You can download latest version here:

Data to verify the file was properly downloaded:

File Size: 5801138 Byte(s) (5.53 MB)
Modified Date: 2020-03-26 01:18
MD5: 0ddec43673a94247ec6ac2e9c0c58d95
SHA1: ffc552ad08df9b598490976fe5c4cac958a690cd
SHA256: 85fd446c892bd4a1f2a79648cbf33cfb70c1f33165a372412b027c1f34f92347
CRC32: 4dab253f

License Text Agreement is inside the zip file

Don't forget to uninstall any earlier version to avoid conflicts.

If you experience problems downloading with Chrome please use Firefox to bypass the issue. Some users experience problems with that browser and the website caching we have. Apparently they have outdated browsers.

Templates need to be unpacked and saved to this folder:

Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Chart

To receive update notifications please subscribe to this Telegram channel:

You can read the manual online at the following link:

Notice hotmail is currently bouncing emails. If you use hotmail you will have to wait for the forward of the bounced email. Another option is to use another provider for the time being. (updated to version 2.1)

In the following youtube channel you can find videos about the software in english:

If you experience issues registering your copy over the program you can use this page online:

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Thanks you admin for posting plugin for ninjatrader education it will help newbie to learn about market profile and orderflow. i am getting a error in activation of plugin in ninjatrader and my doing online registration by using above link , can you please help me out by sending a activation code for plugin to work with ninjatrader ,i would be thankful to you .email id is .i am getting the error "that was a error requesting activation code" . and by using above pipflow reigster url it get a error host time out.i am not able to post error screenshot .

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There was a problem with the mail server. You should have received an email. If you didn't, you can retry.

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(07-16-2020, 01:36 AM)waldo escribió: There was a problem with the mail server. You should have received an email. If you didn't, you can retry.

Thank you sir ,your your help. i have received the activation code ,thanking you again.

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you are welcome.

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Hi, UpDown Tick is a Professional feature. In educational version, the option is present but is ignored.

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Hi there, Im getting activation error, not sure how did I activate it when I had version 1.7.

could you help please.

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What kind of error are you getting exactly? If you lose connectivity and the software ask for activation just refresh once you get connection (you can refresh with F5). It will retry several times to connect but if it can't connect will request activation code. Ensure domain is visible from your computer too.

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buenas no puedo conectar la version educativa con ninja trader 8 en pide un codigo de activacion y me envia un numero de usuario pero igual no se activa podria ayudarme_?

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