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Notice: This software is NOT imported as an addon, this is an installer software and you need to execute it with NinjaTrader closed.

This document provides a description of the educational version of the toolkit, designed with limited functionalities compared to the professional version. The provided manual, although specific for the professional version, is applicable to the active functions in the educational version.

To evaluate the suitability of your computer for trading operations, the use of the following add-on is recommended:

In case you need to uninstall a previous version, please follow these steps:

Navigate to Tools Menu -> Remove NinjaScript Assembly

Select the corresponding binary file and click on the "Remove" button.

For inquiries related to licenses or technical support, the following Discord and Telegram group links can be used, avoiding sending direct emails to these groups:

The update of this version includes significant improvements and bug fixes:

New automatic installation/uninstallation system in the cloud. Now, novice users do not require installation guides or technical support in this area.

Refactoring of the FootPrint and separation of the reversal indicator. This way, it eliminated a queue with necessary priority for the reversal to receive the candles in order and the calculations with candle indices to be correct. This mechanism was present whether the reversal was used or not or whether any index access was used or not. By being separated, the FootPrint delivers the finished candles out of order and the thread containment mechanism is removed. The cores do not need to wait for other processing to finish, accelerating data loading.

Optimization and simplification of the multi-thread engine, also including improvements in rendering performance.

Implementation of a new display mode.

Correction of a critical error that assigned incorrect values to bids and offers in some situations.

Solution to an old problem related to a rounding error in the FootPrint. This created candles that contained an extra empty level 0 x 0 and occupied memory.

The educational version includes a watermark and operates only in simulated mode. The following features, available in the professional version, are disabled in the educational version:

Value area per candle
Delta Finish
Institutional Volume Indicator
Trade Detector Indicator
HeatMap Indicator
Footer Magnifier
Reversal Indicator
Information Zones (except COT values)
Larger font for imbalances
Dynamic Range Volume Profile
Sound Alerts
Support / Resistance Zones
Market Profile Indicator
However, the configuration options are maintained to facilitate a smooth transition to the professional version.

Being an educational version and working in global simulation mode, which allows for learning but not professional use, this mode must be activated in:

Tools -> Global Simulation Mode

[Imagen: image.png]

Note: For the global simulation option to appear in NinjaTrader 8.1, you must activate the Multi-provider option in:

Control Center > Tools > Options and press OK

[Imagen: ninja8-1-highlight.png]

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