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This is an AddOn that has internally compiled some parts of the order flow kit that are not optimizable. The objective is to determine if the combination of GPU and CPU of the computer is suitable for trading.

We know that 16Gb memory is the minimum for a good user experience, but we don't know exactly what combination of CPU and/or GPU we can recommend to users. For example on mid-range GPUs. With the problems caused by the silicon crisis and crypto mining, GPU prices have tripled in the market and for some users a high-end GPU is prohibitive.

Our software has been highly optimized and is among the fastest (to not say the most), but it can't outrun the hardware. As some indicators show a lot of important information like the heatmap and the footprint, not all hardware provides a good user experience. This information cannot be removed as the quality of trading would decrease a lot.

Currently it is impossible to recommend a hardware upgrade guide for traders because GPU or CPU performance tests are based on video games and not 2D operations that are used in charting. In this way we want to compile a database with hardware performance in specific operations for trading. We can determine for example wich GPUs or laptops would give a bad experience to avoid buying that hardware.

This is a free service that we are going to give to the community and the database is going to be made public for users to determine for themselves a valid or acceptable upgrade path.

The package is installed via the menu:

Tools->Import Addon

then the PerformanceIndex indicator should be loaded on the chart and allowed to run.

The test takes a while and at the end the results are presented on a web page.

[Imagen: performance-photo-2022-01-29-07-46-48.jpg]


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