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Versión completa: Oder Flow Kit 2.5 Educative Available
Actualmente estas viendo una versión simplificada de nuestro contenido. Ver la versión completa con el formato correcto.
New version available here:

Notice: Some indicators are still missing and will be published in the future.

This is an educational version of the professional kit with fewer features. The manual is for the professional, but it applies to the educational one for the features that it has active.

To determine if your computer is suitable for trading you can measure it by installing this addon:

To uninstall a previous version you must go to the menu:

Tools->Remove NinjaScript Assembly

Select the binary and hit the remove button

You can ask about the licenses as well as support in these Discord or Telegram groups (do not send the email to the group):

This is a maintenance release with some bug fixes. Some POCs were not canceling correctly due to a numerical precision error. Removed some exceptions we caught and brings rendering optimizations. Some features such as grouping by tick and bubbles in imbalances from the professional were carried over to this version as well as some Footer values. The machine id was removed. If it requires a license, the users who had an active license were migrated and the same license is used to activate this version (no need to request a new one).

The educational version shows a watermark, only works in simulated mode (you can place orders with simulated accounts and do paper trading) and the following features present in the Professional version are disabled:

- Value area per candle
-Delta finish
- Institutional Volume indicator
- Trade Detector indicator
- Heat map indicator
- Footer magnifying glass
- Investment indicator
- Information zones (except COT values)
- Larger source for imbalances
- Dynamic range volume profile
- Sound alerts
- Support / resistance zones
- Market profile indicator

However, the configuration options are present to have unified templates with the professional one and allow an easy migration.
Good morning, I can't find the attached files to download them.
(05-17-2023, 08:49 AM)sergongar escribió: [ -> ]Good morning, I can't find the attached files to download them.

Hello. We received a hacker attack and in the middle we had a certificate expiration issue. All files were temporarily removed. New versions will be republished later.
Good morning. How can I activate the new version of educational?
(06-14-2023, 04:51 AM)Denethor escribió: [ -> ]Good morning. How can I activate the new version of educational?

Please check the groups Discord/Telegram