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Notice: This is a thread of an older version.

This is an educational version of the professional indicator kit with fewer features. The manual is for the professional version but applies to the educational for the non missing features.

Compared to 1.7 it is faster and modular. This version can load historical data properly. Many bugs corrected in UA and POC. There were some bugs corrected in the order book. This version can adapt text size to the bars of the candles. And is also able to work in markets with holes in the candles.

This version contains a variable that has been called Delta LII. This variable monitors the behavior of level II by candle. When checking it vs the real market, as we suspected seems to have little value for trading because it does not show any correlation with price movement, neither historical nor future. Definitely the sign does not show the future movement of the price.

Here we leave the definition of limit order to explain why include the word "limit" is a sign of poor market terms knowledge:

We leave to the community's decision whether this variable has real value or not. Most likely this variable will be eliminated in the future unless at least one member of the community provides a proof that it can be useful.

This version displays a WaterMark and has disabled the following features present in the Professional version:

- CotLevel (rebranded from CotForce)
- Value Area per candle
- Delta Finish
- absorptions
- BigTrades Indicator
- HeatMap Indicator
- Footer Magnifier
- Reversal Indicator
- Tick Grouping
- Information Zones
- Larger Font for imbalances
- Dynamic Volume Profile

This version requires the latest NinjaTrader version otherwise it won't load properly. (at the time of writing

Data to verify the file was properly downloaded:

File Size: 5841516 Byte(s) (5.57 MB)
Modified Date: 2019-11-06 22:33
MD5: 0be33a92896a792de913514db237c461
SHA1: c05d1b2dab64d97e376abd35e14e1ce9bb6c38ff
SHA256: 0e63a30342628f400f3cc7fc9efc274a92ff84d50cf8c9878aabb31ee73ca0e6
CRC32: 7c5844e9

Don't forget to uninstall any earlier version to avoid conflicts. If you experience problems downloading with Chrome please use Firefox to bypass the issue. Some users experience problems with that browser and the website caching we have.

Templates need to be unpacked and saved to this folder:

Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Chart

To receive update notifications please subscribe to this Telegram channel:

You can read the manual online in the following link:

In the following youtube channel you can find videos about the software in english:
<p>Thank you.</p><p><br></p><p>Pleas,&nbsp;where can I find a template?</p><p>because I don't see her anywhere.<br></p>
Hi. In this version template is not required by default. It was applied to default settings.
<p>Bid ask data not show on chart..&nbsp;<br></p>
(11-08-2019, 07:22 AM)parveenkmr76 escribió: [ -> ]Bid ask data not show on chart..

Can you please provide a screenshot and more details like the market you are using it with.

<p>great tool but i have some problem with the auto size of the candles like you can see in the screenshot, sometimes the candle become very big and some others very smal, there is a solution for this grafic problem ? [attachment=147][attachment=148]<br></p>
Just click the button with the F on the top side of the chart and Ninjatrader will resize properly the on chart data. Aside from that you have to drag the axis with the mouse to resize the chart scales. This is not a software issue. It can only adjust to your "incorrect settings". With CTRL + Arrows and ALT + Arrows you can resize candle width and space. In your chart they are overlapping a little bit.
hi i am not able to configure the footprint and ordeflow . can someone please help me with a template or configuration guide ?? Thanking you in advance
Hi. You can read about the configuration in the manual. if you still have issues please post specific problem here. Regards.
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