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Versión completa: Order Flow Kit Educative version 2.4 available
Actualmente estas viendo una versión simplificada de nuestro contenido. Ver la versión completa con el formato correcto.
This is an educational version of the professional kit with fewer features. The manual is for the professional, but it applies to the educational one for the features that it has active.

To determine if your computer is suitable for trading you can measure it by installing this addon:

To uninstall a previous version you must go to the menu of NinjaTrader Control Center:

Tools->Remove NinjaScript Assembly

Select the binary and hit the remove button

To install you need to import each file at the menu of NinjaTrader Control Center:

Tools -> Import -> NinjaScript Addon

To activate the license you must obtain your machine id as shown in this video:

Note that you must put TradingFuturo as vendor and your name without spaces. The information along with your email should be sent to this Discord or Telegram group:

This version compared to the previous one fixes multiple bugs. In other words, it is fundamentally a maintenance distribution. Corrects an error in the FootPrint obtained by instrumentation. Several bugs (about 8) in the Volume profile some reported and some through extensive review, that showed errors in the rendering of some views. As well as a small glitch in the footer (error only present in the educational one).

This version is more modular to be able to update the indicators separately and open the final door to implement the kit 100% without tick replay (only 2 indicators left).

It also opens the door to implement a differentiated color in the FootPrint POC. It has not been implemented yet, but will be released with the professional version.

The educational version shows a Watermark and has the following features disabled in the Professional version:

- CotLevel
- Value Area per candle
- Delta Finish
- ToolBar
- BigTrades Indicator
-Trade Detector indicator
- HeatMap Indicator
- Footer Magnifier
- Reversal Indicator
- Tick Grouping
- Information Zones (except for COT values)
- Larger Font for imbalances
- Dynamic Range Volume Profile
- Sound Alerts
- Support/Resistance zones
- Market Profile Indicator

However, configuration options are present to have unified templates with the professional one and allow easy migration.

Requires NinjaTrader version 8.0.25 or higher, otherwise it may not load properly. You can download the latest version of NinjaTrader here:

Data to verify that the files were downloaded correctly:

File Size: 6362496 Byte(s) (6.07 MB)
Modified Date: 2022-07-26 12:47
MD5: e115f45ce59deee609d1e433c397179b
SHA1: a2177269cbca806733130e0ceb787e1f2f46997e
SHA256: 26c05e63746ceb29634d31bb3e5f9b160f66421089efb5f691948652098a56b8
CRC32: 9181b0b8

File Size: 6212687 Byte(s) (5.92 MB)
Modified Date: 2022-07-26 10:17
MD5: 650f3155ffbbd69ed6b0467f4621d030
SHA1: 4f3924840d5fe9112a246f6cb80b7c08d41dff91
SHA256: abd1d755132a6ee38094371683f5ee6a55522e1d2e1b8e962bc4c7871483e06c
CRC32: bb57cda8

File Size: 6226188 Byte(s) (5.94 MB)
Modified Date: 2022-07-26 10:17
MD5: c98b0ad93b79b19dbd4d80724e319037
SHA1: 03c79b76da9437c9e4d1b87bfaa14c81b674a519
SHA256: 3f06f810da6c12e97777502980739a8b21237a17ae1c66e2046558a39017f483
CRC32: 562804c2

The license agreement text is inside the zip file (note the use of our brand is prohibited as well as removing the watermark, this constitutes copyright infringement)

Don't forget to uninstall any previous version to avoid conflicts during installation.

The templates must be unzipped and saved in this folder:


To receive update notifications, you can subscribe to this Telegram channel:

On this Discord server you can ask the group questions:

You can read the manual online at the following link: (at this time it requires an update, later its update will be notified through our channels)

In the following youtube channel you can find videos about the software:

Later, a highly effective system will be released that has been named DeepZones (they are not imbalance zones) protected by a provisional Patent. It's going to be part of the pro kit and will run from a server to protect it from hacking. This system is going to have access trial and it is going to be adjusted by us for a large group of instruments. It works with Order Flow and uses a more advanced algorithm than the rest of the Order Flow systems. Right now it is at 90%. They are areas where the price is rejected with high probability.

[Imagen: Example-Chart-BW-final-edit.png]

To activate the tick replay you can read it in this thread:
hola buenas tardes me pide un codigo para activarlo en ninja trade8 el footprint me podrian ayudar
(10-27-2022, 09:44 AM)diego sarango escribió: [ -> ]hola buenas tardes me pide un codigo para activarlo en ninja trade8 el footprint me podrian ayudar

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