• EUR: € 341.48



Notice: This product has 7 days money back guarantee. Afterwards if you think you took the wrong direction we can offer you to move to another kit by paying the difference.

Product Lifetime License only

PowerPack Toolkit includes:

  • Extreme Absorption (patent pending detection method that doesn’t requires level II data)
  • Relevant Volume (requires OrderFlow+ license)
  • Relevant Volume Candles
  • MiniClusters (requires tick replay)
  • BarCounter
  • Delta Events (requires OrderFlow+ license)
  • Auction Absorption (requires Tick Replay)
  • Finish Profile (requires OrderFlow+ license)
  • RStop (requires Tick Replay)
  • Momentum Leg (requires OrderFlow+ license)
  • Trade Detector (can work with or without Tick Replay depending on data provider, most permit running without it)
  • PopUp

This product is compatible only with NinjaTrader 8. NinjaTrader 7 is NOT supported.


Software requirements:

Windows, NinjaTrader 8 with OrderFlow+ license active. It currently doesn’t works 100% with free edition of NinjaTrader, only some indicators can be loaded with that version.

Level II data is NOT required from your data provider, for any indicator to work.


Minimum Hardware requirements:

8Gb RAM and medium power CPU with integrated GPU.

Recommended Hardware requirements:

16Gb RAM, medium power CPU and discrete GPU for multimonitor (AMD recommended)

This software package is not GPU intensive.