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The ToolBar is an useful addition to the ToolKit that will save time and effort to the trader. It permits to quickly change settings without having to reconfigure the chart. It also saves resources in the computer as there is no need to have other charts loaded for the same data to quickly inspect parts. It can also help you remove clutter and focus in specific part of the chart at one given time. Therefore increasing trader’s productivity and speed analyzing the market.

ToolBar View


Let’s describe each function performed by each button.

Volume/Delta or Ask/Bid button

This button will quickly let you switch the per candle visualization of the profile. One position will show Volume/Delta and the other position will show Ask/Bid.

Show Unfinished Auctions button

This button will let you quickly show or hide Unfinished Auctions so you can eliminate the clutter in the chart quickly without having to reconfigure your chart.

Show/Hide POC Lines Button

This button as the previous will let you eliminate the clutter caused by the Point of Control lines in the chart when not needed.

Show Imbalances Button

This one as the previous ones will let you hide show the imbalances mark in the candles to eliminate the clutter.

Show Local COTLevel

With this button you can select to show an analysis of the COTLevel whether locally or globally. Basically both start at the same point and you can later select when to start the local analysis.

Reset Local COTLevel

With this button you can direct the COTLevel indicator to start the local analysis and it will start to calculate the COTLevel from start right when you click it.



Button border color

This setting selects the border color of the buttons

Button color when clicked

This setting selects the color of the buttons when are pressed

Button Color

This setting selects the background color of the buttons

Button text color

This setting selects the text color of the buttons

Button text color when clicked

This setting selects the text color of the buttons but when are clicked

Hide buttons settings

The following settings are used to hide the buttons from showing in the toolbar in case the user is not interested into using some specific function:

  • Show Bid/Ask button
  • Show unfinished auctions button
  • Show POC button
  • Show imbalances button
  • Show COTLevel buttons

The Show COTLevel option removes both COTLevel control buttons (Local/Global CotLevel and Reset CotLevel).